Nikola ŠobajićEngine Programmer @ Supergiant Games

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I'm Nikola.

Game Developer & Team Lead

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    Nikola Šobajić

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    Belgrade, Serbia.

Work Experience.

Engine Programmer

Supergiant Games

Working on Hades

2020 -

Associate Lead Programmer


In addition to previous tasks, leading a team of 10 developers working on Ghost War – the new PvP mode for Ghost Recon Wildlands.
Developed Ghost Recon Breakpoint PVP in collaboration with Ubisoft Bucharest. Joined the project post-beta and worked mostly on polish, bug fixing and balancing on a tight deadline. Developed post-launch stability fixes and Episode 1 feature update fully.

2017 - 2020

Engine Programmer


Active development and maintenance of an in-house engine in C++ for Ghost Recon Wildlands. Role in the team as a generalist programmer working on integrating a third-party anti-cheat solution, UI and render tasks. In parallel, working on the tools supporting the engine (C#).

2015 - 2017

Embedded Firmware Engineer


Worked on writing, testing and debugging of a custom SoC on software and hardware emulators. Also filled many important roles according to the company’s needs including: automating a large part of the workflow, setting up a Continuous Integration environment and regression testing and Android integration. Moonlighting as a Linux System Administrator on the site.

2013 - 2015

My Skills.


My Education.

School of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade University


Majored in Biomedical Engineering with a GPA of 10 out of 10. Successfully defended the thesis titled ”Cortical Activity Variations During Various Motor Tasks” with the highest grade.

2010 - 2012

School of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade University


Majored in Signal Processing with a strong backing in Computer Science and Electronics. GPA in the top 2% of the class. Bachelor thesis titled ”Comparison of the event-related desynchronization during self-paced movement and when playing a Nintendo Wii game” defended with the highest grade and presented at TELFOR conferennce.

2006 - 2010

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